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A shoppable study of handbags designed by and created for legendary women in history. This four piece handbag collection features specially selected pieces from Bvlgari, designed in collaboration with Isabella Rossellini, Salvatore Ferragamo, created as an homage to Sophia Loren, Hermès, named for Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, and Gianni Versace Couture, named for Diana, Princess of Wales.

The concept

Inspired to reconnect with the interests that led me to the Chicologie name, I began searching for bags with special, multi-faceted stories that add to their character and value. Originally created over a decade ago, Chicologie was my name for what I loved most about fashion; studying the hidden details and history of style adds value to the accessories and clothes that bring us joy. I've also been motivated to explore more well known pieces that are on the higher end of luxury to see how they influence the evolution of Chicologie and my goals working with vintage luxury. Of course, I also have to consider what people will take interest in owning, prompting me to reflect on what my clients have in common. You're all incredible women with incredible, unique style and you've all taken a chance on me- still in college or fresh out of it, trying my best to create something from my passion. I've had the pleasure of getting to know you and your personal style, and I'm lucky to have gotten to place a Chicologie bag on your arm and in your closet. Great women drive fashion- they inspire it, design it, and wear it. Throughout recent handbag history, connecting an iconic handbag with an iconic woman is a trend shared by many luxury fashion houses. I made a list of these bags and set out to curate a selection that offered a wide range historical value and design excellence while also complimenting the Chicologie way of mixing unique finds and classics.

The Bvlgari 'Isabella Rossellini'

A beautiful piece created from a design house's passion for their legacy and the love between a mother and daughter- each with incredible legacies on screen. Isabella Rossellini's connection to Bvlgari began at 10, when she would accompany her mother, Ingrid Bergman, on shopping trips to Bvlgari flagship boutique in Rome. After carrying on her mother's legacy as a customer, and modeling for the iconic jeweler earlier in her career, Isabella Rossellini was invited to collaborate. Her hands-on approach to creating a namesake product brought touches of sentiment and whimsy to the bag, crafted from unique leathers and semi-precious stones. Shop the 'Isabella Rossellini' and read the full story here.

The Salvatore Ferragamo 'Sofia'

Any Italian it-girl would need the Italian it-shoes, and for the incredible Sophia Loren, it was always a custom pair from Salvatore Ferragamo himself. A talented force in the industry, making daring choices and executing them with incredible skill- something that can be said of both Sophia and Salvatore. Late in his life and early in her career, the two bonded over the custom heels that were part of Sophia's glamour. Decades after Salvatore's passing, the Ferragamo label paid homage to the star's influence on their founder's success with the 'Sofia'. Shop the 'Sofia' and read the full story here.

The Hermès 'Kelly'

The first handbag to take the world by storm thanks to the famous arm that carried it, the Hermès Kelly is tied for the most popular story in handbag history with the story of the Hermès Birkin. Grace Kelly, American sweetheart and star turned princess and trendsetter, carried an Hermès bag for most of her life. After one special moment was captured by camera, the demand for everyone's favorite princess's favorite bag took off at such a speed that it was only fitting to name it after her, since every happy customer with it on their arm already had, coming to Hermès to ask for 'the Kelly'. This particular Kelly's age and design specifications add even more to it's story. Shop the 'Kelly' and read the full story here.

The Gianni Versace Couture 'Diana'

The many ways friendship can come from a designer working one-on-one with a special client is wonderful, something I can attest to working with so many of you. The friendship between Gianni Versace and Princess Diana was a special story that became most well known after the designer's tragic passing. As stories circulated, photos of Diana at Versace's funeral took off, with a crocodile bag produced by the Gianni Versace Couture label 3 years earlier front and center. The images and the story took root in fashion history, as did the new name for the bag- the 'Diana'. Shop the 'Diana' and read the full story here.

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