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The Chicologie Showroom is here

I don't think I've ever been more excited to share Chicologie news with you! Find all the details on how this wonderful news came to be below, and join me next weekend from noon to six, Thursday the 21st through Saturday the 23rd for the opening weekend open house!

An Unexpected Opportunity

On the last day of the holiday trunk show hosted by Mitchell Sotka last November, I got a little tip from a friend who came to visit- there was a for rent sign posted in the building across the street. Finding some sort of space for Chicologie was a goal for 2024, but in my mind, it was going to be late 2024. When I finally decided to make the call, I thought of it more as a way to get started on the hunt for a space and to get used to the process, not expecting everything to fall together the way they did.

Unusual, But Perfect

I'd always envisioned the Chicologie brick and mortar experience to be in a large, bright storefront in one of my favorite areas to shop and do trunk shows, the full experience of a shop with a special Chicologie touch. When I first toured the space that is now the Chicologie Showroom, I was well aware of how different it was from what I'd always imagined. The surprise came after, as I continued to reflect on the potential this opportunity had and realized it aligned perfectly with a way to take a smaller, but still impactful step towards my biggest goals.

The Old Detroit Shopping District in Rocky River has been my longtime favorite spot on the west side. After countless successful trunk shows with Mitchell Sotka, all the lunches with friends at Tartine Bistro and shopping trips through well over a dozen other small businesses, I knew it had the energy I'd love to have Chicologie be a part of. At the center of the street, just across from the entrance, A beautiful brick building with a tile roof sets the tone for the Hallmark movie charm of the entire street. Now, up seven stone steps and through green double doors, the Chicologie showroom has a home. The space is charming, quiet and modest with touches of century-building charm that comes from being the former Rocky River town hall, this lovely little office building is the new home of my little dream. Across the lobby, on the right side of a little alcove in the very back, what used to be a two-room private office has been refreshed as the Chicologie Showroom.

Chicologie, Fully Realized

The new Chicoogie showroom is home to the best of what Chicologie can offer; handbags, clothes, shoes, and accessories from some of the most wonderful prominent and obscure designers from the last sixty-plus years. Conceptualized to offer the best of experiential shopping, This space has been designed to welcome you with the opportunity to explore the collection from the perspective we all share- a true love of fashion. I love the vintage luxury world, not just as a small business owner within it, but as a consumer. I've taken this combined perspective to create a space that reflects the things I seek as a shopper. You're welcome to shop and experiment beyond your personal tastes, to stop in for a glass of champagne, and to take advantage of the value of experiential shopping and slow fashion, where quality always comes first. To add to the experience, the collection of designer and fashion history books I use to research the beautiful and intricate pasts of Chicologie pieces is now on-site and available to offer additional insight into the history of whatever treasures you may find.

As always, every item is carefully prepared to be ready to wear; clothing is steam cleaned, dry cleaned, or laundered as needed. Handbags and accessories receive the usual Chicologie-style pre-restoration to be reliably wearable but still maintain vintage character, shoes are cleaned and given a maintenance refresh. Every item comes with a guarantee for care assistance; if any repairs, cleaning, mending, or alterations are needed, I'll do my best to connect you with the right resources to care for your Chicologie pieces. As always, handbags and small leather goods are welcome back to Chicologie for restoration or repair consultation as needed.

The Chicologie Showroom is currently open on a 'by event, by appointment, or by chance' schedule, but hours of operation will develop over the summer. Appointments can be booked individually or parties of four or less, and a pre-selected assortment chosen by size, price, or style can be requested. The showroom is surrounded by other small businesses I love, and is above an incredible little French restaurant that's perfect lunch, dinner, or drinks! If you plan to turn your appointment into a whole afternoon out, I can help with a list of shops to visit and reservations downstairs.

Opening Weekend

We're a week away from the first big day! From noon to six(ish), Thursday the 21st through Saturday the 23rd. The showroom's opening event welcomes you all to view the space, shop, and meet fellow Chicologie clients. This weekend is a thank you to all of you for your invaluable, treasured support over the years. I can't wait to share this era of Chicologie with you!

At 19120 Old Detroit Road in Rocky River; the Chicologie Showroom is in Suite 5, found just up the outdoor stairs to the left of Tartine, through the green double doors. At the rear of the lobby, the showroom is to the right in a small, two suite alcove. The door is open and champagne is waiting!

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