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The Salvatore Ferragamo 'Sofia', crafted from raspberry calfskin, grosgrain, and matte alligator.


Sophia Loren and Salvatore Ferragamo share iconic presence in fashion and culture as leaders in Italian glamour, but they also shared a friendship. Loren's look, part of her stardom and influence, included a standard accessories wardrobe of great jewels, furs, and heels. Where would the Italian it-girl find Italian it-shoes? Salvatore Ferragamo.  Ferragamo and Loren's friendship grew over custom-made shoes, and the Loren-Ferragamo legacy continues to this day.


A family business at heart, the Ferragamo brand often references its' legacy. In developing what would be Ferragamo's it-bag for the majority of the 2010's, The name Sofia was chosen to pay homage to Loren's longtime loyalty to the Ferragamo brand and her friendship with Salvatore Ferragamo. Although she had retired from her position as CEO and lead designer by the time the 'Sofia' was created, Ferragamo's wife, Wanda, was still keeping a close eye on the evolution of the Ferragamo brand, which she turned into a global force in fashion. Many questions about the spelling of the 'Sofia' have been made, the choice to use 'Sofia' instead of 'Sophia' is believed to have been made because the homage was not a collaboration with Loren and the F was used to reference Ferragamo. 


As an entirely monochromatic bag, this limited edition of the Sofia is crafted from raspberry calfskin. Front and back panels of folded grosgrain reference the use of grosgrain ribbon in the creation of the Ferragamo 'Vara' bow, one of the label's most popular motifs. This unique folded pattern compliments the angular folded design of the sides of the bag. The top handle and thick crossbody strap crafted from matte alligator contribute a contrastic texture. Semi- gloss painted hardware keeps the color consistent with only the small, gold foiled Ferragamo logo on the rear pocket as contrast.


A Ferragamo Gancino closure opens to a matching calfskin interior with one small slip pocket at the rear. A second small slip pocket on the back of the bag closes with a magnet. The Gancino closure shows light chipping on some edges and colors. Color correction was attempted in an unknown previous method, my additional touch-ups are visible upon a closer inspection but blend well otherwise. Leather surface scratches have been buffed out with few exceptions, and a small crease on the base is still visible when the bag isn't full. 8" X 5.75" X 5.25". Crafted in Italy.

Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Sofia’



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