Chicologie embraces all the things I love about luxury; the beautiful products of passion and human ability. In fact, that’s what inspired the  name - a stylized moniker inspired by roots meaning “the study of style and fashion.”I try to meld this concept of education and appreciation into every part of Chicologie. 


I started Chicologie as I entered the Kent State University Fashion Merchandising program, allowing my education to fuel my career and vice versa. However, honing my skills of authentication, appraisal, and restoration of luxury goods was not part of my education, rather completely fueled by passion. After four years of nurturing my dream, I’ve authenticated hundreds of bags with a 100% success rate, worked with amazing individual clients, as well as College Now’s Bag Lady auction and the Kent State University Museum. I’ve planned trunk shows with my favorite Cleveland consignment spot- The Style Loop, and even performed a mini-graft on a python Prada bag. My next chapter starts here with you!