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Chicologie embraces all the things I love about luxury; the beautiful products of passion and human ability. In fact, that’s what inspired the  name - a stylized moniker inspired by roots meaning “the study of style and fashion.”I try to meld this concept of education and appreciation into every part of Chicologie. 


I started Chicologie as I entered the Kent State University Fashion Merchandising program, allowing my education to fuel my career and vice versa. Honing my skills of authentication, appraisal, and restoration of luxury goods was not part of my education, rather completely fueled by passion. I'm now seven years into nurturing this dream, having authenticated hundreds of bags and other luxury goods with a 100% success rate, and continually expanding and perfecting the methods I use for Chicologie's distinct approach to luxury restoration. I'm lucky to work with wonderful clients, both private collectors and larger collections, exhibitions, with the Kent State University Museum and the National Council of Jewish Women. 

While the origin and forte of Chicologie is all things handbags, it has evolved to serve those whose love of fashion goes beyond the current trends on runways and the new arrivals at Saks. I curate the shop to showcase the best of what pre-owned and vintage luxe can offer; niche labels to seasoned designers, pristine and perfectly preserved to well loved and full of character. I mix classic, unusual, and understated designs to offer a selection that strives to offer something unique and special to everyone.  Restoration, authentication, research, and curation services come together to serve as many needs of a collector as possible, whether it be peace of mind in the authenticity of treasures you find elsewhere, caring for your oldest favorite bags, or finding your newest ones.  

Passion may be a word used in excess with Chicologie, but Chicologie was created from it, and built to connect with and uplift your passion for any and all things fashion. Any and all questions, comments, and stories are always welcome as you explore all Chicologie offers- I'm always happy to help, and I hope you enjoy!

Chicologie Holiday 2022 Capsule Collection
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