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The Joy of Gifting Season

For nearly every small business, there's a magical time of year at the beginning of the holiday season that I call gifting season. The joy in gifting season is the honor of playing a role in helping people find a piece that'll represent a little bit of the love and care they have for the person they're shopping for- it's a beautiful thing to be a part of. I see loving partners, siblings, and friends carefully and meticulously searching for the perfect gift, often learning lovely little things about the sentiment behind each one. There's also the hidden gift in each one- from you to me. It means so much to be trusted with the opportunity to be a part of this thoughtful process, and that you've chosen me, my small business, and big dreams.

New & OLD This Season

The shop is recently updated with the 'On the Arm of an Icon' collection and the new Chicologie X NCJWCLE section, a selection of items that will contribute a portion of each sale to the immense good the Cleveland NCJW contributes to our community. Additionally, a pricing refresh has been completed on all past-collection merchandise. As per usual, the holiday collection will be exclusive to the first Chicologie trunk show before landing in the online shop. Gift consultations are also available- if you're struggling to decide, or looking for something specific, I can help. As always, no question is unwelcome.

The Holiday Collection

A selection of handbags and other small accessories, some previewed above, has been curated to reflect the idea of holiday warmth. Warm and bold colors, unique textures, and rare pieces come together to reflect my love of the gifting season experience. Expect the special feel of cashmere and crocodile, classic motifs from Chanel and Hermès, and a mix of rare pieces from iconic designers with signature pieces from obscure designers.

Holiday Trunk Shows

The holiday trunk show schedule begins with our friends at Mitchell Sotka, Friday November 10th through Saturday November 18th. The rest of the trunk show schedule is still in the works, and I'm welcoming new hosts! Feel free to reach out for a breakdown of the Chicologie trunk show process.

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