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I'm back! I say that too often. If you remember the March 4th post, it was around that time I promised myself I'd post biweekly and add new merchandise collections monthly. It's May. Late May.

A Personal Note

So, what could cause a nearly 3-month hiatus? If I could fire myself for taking three months off with no warning, I would, but then no one would work here. I've known for a long time that my well being and the well being of Chicologie are inextricably linked. Over a year ago, I touched on my experience as a student and entrepreneur, and how it affected me (read that here).

I graduated in August of 2021, and told myself that I would take early 2022 to return to truly taking care of myself- first on the list was my mental health. I've always tried to be open about it not being the best; it's a part of me, and working to improve it has been part of working towards many of my goals. My spring away from work allowed me to find the right solutions to the things I have struggled with, allowing me to be as happy and productive as I knew I wanted to be.

Being open about some of the harder times I've experienced while growing Chicologie has brought me closer to clients and established wonderful friendships. When I designed this business to fit a special niche, focused on attention to detail, personalized to each specific client, I didn't expect to and learn more than how unique and exceptional your tastes can be. As I reflect on how kind and special you are (yes, you, you wonderful supporter), I appreciate not just your support of this small business, but your support of me.

Back To Business

Feeling more capable than ever to make my Chicologie dreams a reality, I've prepared some new arrivals, and plenty more are coming! The summer collection is available now , featuring some special favorites! Pieces from one of my favorite bag designers, Reed Krakoff, some classic, summer-perfect Louis Vuitton, the comfiest Mansur Gavriel bag, and arguably the most rare Coach bag of the year! (all pictured above). Plenty of other goodies are waiting for you in the shop, including a new sale on the New Year's jewelry collection, now 40% off! New collections are already in the works, some with special pieces and prices exclusive to this summer's pop ups! They're coming soon, so stay tuned.

Now, as the announcements and the mushy stuff come to an end for today, I'd like to thank you all again for being so supportive as clients and as friends. Truly, this appreciation goes out to each of you, earnestly and wholeheartedly. As post-pandemic life continues to become closer to a reality, I'm hopeful to be able to bring Chicologie back to what I planned for it to be, and to bring even bigger ideas to you.

Thank you, and good morning.


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