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Good Morning

With the extensive (my nice word for long winded) intro blog series over, I considered only writing blog posts when something happened in the shop, or there was a change in services offered, or some new event or collaboration. I considered it because they felt like so much work, that served so little purpose when it came to engagement and creativity.

I took a couple weeks off after the last of the 7 parts was published, and have skimmed my drafts a few times since. I realized that all of them, especially the 4 I wrote after school felt too essay-ish... and that's exactly why I was so over them. I'd blurred school and work together too much. One was dragging down the other.

Yes, I'm a student. I talk about my work relationship with the Kent State University Museum often, but not the classes I (used to) sit through on the other side of the building. I don't necessarily despise school, but if I were making a list of things I like or want to do, it wouldn't be on it. That being said- I'm grateful to be a student at the 4th-best fashion school in the US, I'm grateful that I'm making (slow) progress, and especially grateful that my B.S. is coming to me with no debts attached.

I think I gloss over being a student because I've convinced myself it takes away from me as an entrepreneur. How I came up with that, I don't know. I'm in my 5th year, mostly on track with the 5 year college career I planned for, but it might end up at 5 1/2. When school does come up, I minimize it- I say I'm a part time student often, and I'm not. Full time is 12-18 credit hours a week, but typically 15. I do 12. I guess I use that little drop as my excuse to say its not a huge part of my life. I've stuck with 12 for a few reasons; mental health (my biggest can of worms), and school-work-life balance.

My main issue with school, in a direct quote from me to my therapist from a while ago; "How come everything I do in life is smart and everything I do in school is stupid." I'm not the best student, but working hard to be the best kind of mediocre is absolute hell in college. I feel that stress in everything I do for school, even the easy stuff. I let that muddle through the blog posts, because the similarities were getting to me; write, edit, submit on time, repeat.

No more! I'm sitting in a new space. I made tea - Bigelow Orange & Spice is as amazing as it is affordable. I'm working my way through my favorite playlist, a perfect blend of Stevie, Amy, and Lana. I'm comfy, and I feel conversational. I'm writing because I really really want to.I want to take the chance to finally write a real blog post; talk to you, not at you- and finally really say hello.


This isn't for a grade, it's for me and my greatest passion in life, and, most importantly, it's for you. More to come.

Good Morning (because it's one of the happiest things you can say),


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