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Luxury Collection Curation Part 2 – An Introduction To Chicologie and I

“I like my money where I can see it- hanging in my closet.” Has this iconic Sex and the City quote been overused? Probably. Is it accurate? Definitely.

My steadfast belief in this quote comes from how accurately it describes the essence of Chicologie- a four year old baby business that is has not only been my full time job for the last two years, it’s the job I hope to have forever. The main reason I believe so strongly in what I do is because I practice it my own closet, and with the ever growing and changing Chicologie archive that makes up most of the shop. To give you a taste of the Chicologie Luxury Collection Curation experience, I’d like to share both technical and personal details of my own closet with you.

To give you a sampling of the essence of collection curation magic, I'd like to introduce you to my all time favorite bag; my Louis Vuitton Monceau. I started ogling luxury pieces at 14, despite not growing up around them at all. (For some backstory on my love for luxe, click or tap here.) I was probably about 16 when I first spotted the Monceau on eBay; structured and petite, monogram canvas paired with a rare finished brown leather and a bold LV S-Lock on the front, a perfect top handle and crossbody duo. I looked for one for three years, shuffling through $1,000+ bags hoping to find a treasure that fit my high-schooler budget.

May 15th, 2017 just so happened to be my 19th birthday. I had spent the day in Pennsylvania with my mother consignment shopping, and on our way home after a day of no treasures found, we stopped at the former Rocky River consignment shop, Closets. There, just a 15 minute drive from home, was the first time I ever saw my dream bag in person. I convinced myself that I would look at it and put it back, knowing the bag never sells under four figures in such perfect condition. The leather was so soft, it had perfect posture, and the lock was patina free. The inside was immaculate, with a little blue tag.


To be completely honest, I don't remember my reaction to the price. I know it drew attention from most of the people in the shop, I know it got me a $50 birthday discount, and I know the moment became even more special when my mother offered to split it with me as a gift. For the last 3 years, the bag's been my default, my go-to, my comfy crossbody friend that fits my necessities perfectly and goes with everything.

As of right now, great - mint condition Monceaus are on the market for an average of $1,800. The record-breaking Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis draws inspiration from the original Monceau, which was also recently redesigned and reissued, fueling a lasting increase in resale value. If I were willing to sell (which I'm not, but if you want one, contact me!) I would receive a 900% return on investement based on current market prices. For someone who purchased it new, the return would be approximately 180%, with an estimated original price for the Monceau of $1,000.

This is the power of investing in luxe. "Luxury Collection Curation aids in the building and maintaining of a polished and personalized personal collection of luxury leather goods and other accessories as significant sentimental, fashionable, and financial investments." is an accurate description of a poignant concept. I practice it myself, both professionally and personally, and genuinely love being able to share this with you. For details on how this could be applied and a breakdown of its features, click or tap here. To become a client, contact me!

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