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Luxury Collection Curation Part 1 – An Introduction To Chicologie and I

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

“Luxury Collection Curation aids in the building and maintaining of a polished and personalized personal collection of luxury leather goods and other accessories as significant sentimental, fashionable, and financial investments.”

Photo of me from Bag Lady 2019 C/O T&S Photography. Click or double tap for more info.

A little backstory- when I wrote the 2020 Chicologie Luxury Collection Curation Guide (which is now this website), I loved that sentence (the opener to this post) the most. Not only is it the most concise description of my job I’ve ever had, it best explains why I love what I do. Having the privilege of curating a collection with someone is nothing short of a magical experience- getting to know someone through what they wear (or in this case, carry) is an excellent way to forge a professional relationship that often turns friendly. Every piece has a memory attached to it- where you got it or when, or something exciting or funny that happened while it was on your arm. Through several clients and hundreds of bags, I’ve heard dozens and dozens of little stories that show how what we love to wear can lead to the story of who we are.

In practice, collection curation is a comprehensive service to shape your collection to match your fashion dreams. This service can be personalized in almost any way, and there are only two rules here at Chicologie; vintage or luxury only, and (with the voice and energy of Joan Crawford) NO COUNTERFEIT BAGS EVER. The service can be defined at its core with the following;

- Catalog every piece, with its' brand name, style name, age, color, material, original retail price and serial number.

- Catalog any wear or damage to each piece and provide restoration outlines (that can be completed by Chicologie at any time).

- Value every piece for the resale market and track the resale value of each piece.

- Create a plan for the current and future perspective sale of each piece, using multiple sales channels and Chicologie’s unique pricing and commission structure.

- Create a wish-list for future bags, both new and pre-owned.

- Update these details on an annual, quarterly, monthly, or custom schedule.

All parts of the curation structure, restoration, valuation, authentication, research, sales, new purchases, and pretty much any other little detail you can think of are all performed by me, personally. All curation services are completely unique and tailored to you. For new client inquiries, please use the “Contact” tab.

Part 2 will be an example based mock-up of exactly what collection curation is like, and to give you a taste of how enjoyable the personal side of the process can be, I’ve chosen to use some my favorite pieces from my personal collection as examples. I manage my own bags with the same practice and standards I use for my clients, and they all have stories. I can’t wait to share!

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