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Happy Anniversary!

I'm back! Going missing for two months was not part of my plan for the holiday season, at least with the blogs- I have a good reason though, I promise! Chicologie turns 10 this year as a concept (the name, the logo, the vague idea of doing something independent in fashion) and turned 5 (as a real idea) in January! My goal was going to be an all-out pop up with an incredible, diverse collection of stunning vintage luxe. While the pop up isn't happening (yet), the collection is!

This collection, a 27 piece arrangement of vintage and luxury, clothing, accessories, and of course, bags features a mix of obscure and iconic, classic and unique pieces- currently planned to launch in two parts. First, out today, a 12 piece mix of classics. next month is... you'll see.

Spanning 90 years of fashion, this half of the collection is rooted in classic elements; dark colors, classic shapes, classic brands- but with a twist (as always). Exotics, crystals, logomaina and cult favorites add spice to a selection of black, brown and navy. Focus on elevating pieces that are 99% classic expert tailoring and conventional silhouettes with a 1% wow factor in each piece that takes it from beautiful to incredible. Additionally, most pieces are intertwined with pieces of Chicologie history!

As always, I'm always available to talk details of your favorite pieces. Each piece has been historically personified, measured out, and photographed in untouched natural light- the least forgiving and most honest- to tell you exactly what's coming your way. I'm truly in love with this collection, and every piece makes me happy- if I didn't love it, you wouldn't see it. Shop, and enjoy!

Good Morning,


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