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Art & Customization With Chicologie - Part 2

Last week, in part one, I shared a little bit of the creative process behind bag painting, and how it went from a trend I disliked to a service I provided. Today, I'll break down all the details on how to go about it.


Not every bag can be painted, unfortuately."There's only two rules here at Chicologie; vintage or luxury only, and (with the voice and energy of Joan Crawford) NO COUNTERFEIT BAGS EVER." Aside from those basic rules, there are a few other things that can make a bag ineligible for painting.

-No fabric bags (mostly), no suede bags. Leather or coated canvas only.

-No painting over hardware or embellishments.

-No major painting on the bottom or back of a bag.

This "No" list has one common denominator; the paint just won't stay on- certain textures and heavy wear areas just aren't graphic-friendly.


Developing a concept or graphic is almost always a team effort. How to make a bag uniquely yours is an idea that's developed together, with your favorite things, styles, and colors. Every graphic comes with a deep dive into your favorite ideas, multiple drawn drafts, and a touch-up warranty (with care suggestions and conditions). I'm open to just about anything, but I don't recommend stripes or people.


Pricing is completely specific to each project.However, for reference, the graphic above would be $400, and I would estimate a variation of $150 - $800.

There are the basics! Since it's such a unique service, with so much variety, this is just a guideline. For questions, inquiries, or to commission work, contact me.

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