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What is Silent Luxury?

She’s whispering. Quietly. There’s no need to scream. Silent luxury is one of my favorite terms I’ve coined, mostly because it embraces one of my favorite concepts. In a fashion world where logos yell from all directions, G’s shouting “Look how much I cost!” or C’s calling out “I’m SO fancy!”, a bag that can capture attention with its little details is an intriguing alternative.

Don’t get me wrong- I love my Louis Vuitton monogram, and all the C’s, F’s and G’s I can get. However, there is a next level of style in a bag that can draw the same attention without a logo. After all, craftsmanship is the only tangible element of luxury, and it can be seen just as clearly as it can be felt – as long as nothing else is stealing focus. It opens up an opportunity to let your style show you know what you’re doing all on your own- looking put together, unique, comfy or cohesive and maybe even a little bit expensive, without branding serving as the caption to your look.

I’m bringing this odd point of view to focus now, since the shop’s original collection is quite eclectic with a few pieces that reflect this concept, with some favorite pieces that feature some of the best parts of silent luxury. Click or tap the images to shop!

Some of my favorite details in silent luxury are pretty common. Think of contrast stitching. Every seam on a bag is on display, every stitch standing out- so it better be perfect. These simple, detailed lines accentuate the silhouette of a bag, and represent a bold risk- putting one of the toughest to prefect details on display.

Texture is one of the most obvious features that differentiates the array of textiles in the bag world. Unique or exotic leathers showcase a crafted element, something made to steal focus based on a unique pattern, feel, and rarity. Preparing exotics for the construction of a bag is often a unique and delicate process.

STRUCTURE. To me, the best feature a bag can have. My feelings are that since my life needs structure, and I carry my life in my bag, carrying a structured bag structures my life. Tired of the word ‘structure’ yet? But really, a bag’s structure decides it’s posture, and one that stands straight and tall suggests the piece is proud of being so well made, and happy to represent an iconic brand.

I know this gal is a bit logo-maniacal, but she's a perfect example for structural contrast, a slouchy bag done right can sit slumped on a table and act like it knows it’s too cool, with comfy, squishy leather that’s too supple to stand.

On a personal note, this whole reflection comes from my start in luxury in my lid/late teens, which was covered in LV monogram. My skewed philosophy was that if everything I carried screamed expensive, maybe me looking (definitely just looking) rich would protect me a little from how nervous being the boy with the bag made me. As Chicologie and I have grown, I’ve been able to indulge in and enjoy these subtle, beautiful elements of luxury bags.

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