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Re-Issues and Re-Editions; How contemporary luxe embraces its roots

"Fashion is cyclical, usually ever 20 years or so."; to paraphrase one of my favorite professors from Kent's Fashion School. While Dr. Leslie taught us about trends cycling, we're at the start of a new kind of cycle- the return of iconic pieces, not just the movements that made them.

Everything Old is New Again

Over the past few years, following the surge of vintage resale, luxury designers have re-issued their most classic designs. Gucci has brought back a plethora of designs, most notably the Diana, the Jackie, and the 1955. Prada's 'Re-Edition' line revived two major players from the early 2000's, while Fendi and Dior brought back their first it-bags (the Baguette and Saddle, respectively.

But what of the originals? Each reissue has been refreshed to reflect modern brand standards and aesthetics, as well as current quality control and authentication standards, making them uniquely different. In a sea of trending pieces, the originals stand out as the one that started it all.

Trendsetter + Trend maker, all in one

In the Chicologie shop, there's a unique handful of originals available now, from major players in the Re-Editon world like Gucci and Prada- as well as some unique dabblers like Celine. Other pieces from the original eras have returned too- mini bags, pouchettes, baguettes. To shop the available pieces, click or tap the highlighted sections below.


Gucci's Jackie 1961 hit the market last year for its 50th anniversary and Gucci's 100th, just in time for the House of Gucci movie. Barely changed, the updates to this historic piece were minimal, except for the price- starting at $2,100 and reaching $2,800 in the contemporary line up, the Jackie is sitting at a markup of over 1000% the original price. (Cue my rant on the importance of investment bags) Featured above is the medium Jackie 1961, likely from the 70's, currently reissued for $2,600. (There's a matching belt, too!)

Gucci's trend making boat baguettes from Tom Ford's era are a juxtaposition of this trend- not yet reissued, but gaining popularity by the second as the cycle of fashion pushes the 2000's to the spotlight. You'll find a rare one here.


Prada is so ready to go on revivals, they've established a dedicated series; the Re-Editions. Currently charting are the 2000, and the Pocket. Distinctly different from the originals, these new styles have all been updated, with modernized hardware and materials. in 2005, Prada dabbled in the Re-Edition concept with a line of 90's pieces, re-issued in limited quantities, Today's pieces have taken the industry by storm, but with fresh perspective. Each is noticeably reminiscent of the originals, yet all grown up. Shop the 2000 here, and the Pocket here.


Dipping a toe in, Celine's newest it-bags reflect a time-honored trend within the brand- classic shapes with a classic (but not too obvious) logo. The newest sensations from the French house reflect its time-honored traditions and iconography. A classic version of Celine's iconic Triomphe-adorned bags is the cover feature, and an on trend baguette style piece from the 2000's shares the vintage spotlight in the shop.

The Cycle... cycles

As this new type of trend continues to grow, guessing what's next to be revived is an ever-growing task. What do you hope is next- any old favorites in your closet?

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