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New Arrivals - Jewelry at Chicologie

A new year, a new endeavor! One special client's unique collection of baubles to kick off 2022.

I've met a lot of lovely people since I started Chicologie, but Ms. B is definitely one of the sparkliest- and not just her jewels, her personality, too! A connoisseur of uniquely fine things, her jewelry and art collections are built from a rare perspective- uniqueness and quality first. Not always the most expensive, or most well known, but always high quality and very, very special. This collection of John Hardy, John Atencio, and unmarked vintage also features a preview of the next Chicologie collection- two extra pieces hinting at what's to come. Enjoy!

In Other News

The remaining selection from the Chicologie X Mitchell Sotka Holiday Pop-Up is available now. The remaining selection from the Chicologie 5th Anniversary Collection and The Summer Collection is currently on sale, 50% - 80% off. More to come very soon!

Good morning!


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