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Honey, What’s Going On? An introduction to Chicologie and I

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Welcome! This is the introduction to my introduction, just a little extra backstory for the big story.

March 26th was the planned date of the second annual Chicologie trunk show, hosted by my favorite consignment boutique- The Style Loop. As invitations and announcements were prepared, the seriousness of the pandemic we are facing became very real, postponing the event indefinitely. The big surprise element of the event was the debut of the Chicologie Luxury Collection Guide, a mini-magazine introduction to Chicologie as I planned its expansion.

After taking a moment to panic, wallow, and repeat a few times (as many of us did) the new opportunity to turn the guide into a website became clear, mostly with the support and talents of one of my dearest friends, Kristian K., who created everything you’re seeing. This exciting new venture will be a shop and blog, growing with the next chapter of my passion turned career, Chicologie.

The full Chicologie Luxury Collection Guide has been converted into this blog & shop, featuring all the details of who I am and what Chicologie is. To start you off, here’s a little about me- straight from the Guide.

Hi, I’m Pierce Morgan, the Founder and Creative Director of Chicologie - Luxury Collection Curation & Restoration. Founded in 2016 (although I designed the logo and developed the name in 2011), Chicologie embraces all the things I love about luxury; the beautiful products of passion and human ability. In fact, that’s what inspired the name- a stylized moniker inspired by roots meaning “the study of style and fashion”. I try to meld this concept of education and appreciation into every part of Chicologie.

I started Chicologie as I entered the Kent State University Fashion Merchandising program, allowing my education to fuel my career and vice versa. Honing skills of authentication, appraisal, and restoration of luxury goods was not part of my education, rather completely fueled by passion.

After four years of nurturing my dream, I’ve authenticated hundreds of bags with a 100% success rate, worked with amazing individual clients, as well as College Now’s Bag Lady auction and the Kent State University Museum. I’ve planned trunk shows with my favorite Cleveland consignment spot- The Style Loop, and even performed a mini-graft on a python Prada bag.

Although there’s quite a bit more to what I do than handbag restoration, it’s a client favorite. My philosophy in restoration is simple; I prefer repairs over replacements, restoring the beauty and physical integrity of a piece without covering up or removing the history.

Luxury Collection Curation aids in the building and maintaining of a polished and personalized personal collection of luxury leather goods and other accessories as significant sentimental, fashionable, and financial investments.

My next chapter starts with this little book- introducing a refined client experience and new event services.

Welcome to Chicologie.

“It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.” – Alexander McQueen

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