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Good morning everyone! I'm back... again. It's been a long minute since I've posted, and part two of the Anniversary collection is (seemingly) a month delayed- but for good reason! My first pop-up in over 2 years is finally happening. After a tumultuous 2020 dashed the plans for four Chicologie events, I couldn't be more excited about my first of 2021!

I knew I wanted, needed, loved the idea of an event for this collection. It's first deep dive into clothing, and with a wider and more exciting assortment than ever before, it definitely required a special moment- this is it! Hosted by Mitchell Sotka of Rocky River, this creative, collaborative pop up will be running May 1st - May 29th.

What You'll Find

As previewed in February, the Chicologie 5th Anniversary collection celebrates the past and future of Chicologie as my opportunity to make one of my greatest passions my career. Offered in two themes, the first is a combination of demure and iconic, classic and unique pieces in a simple color scheme with focus on unique elements of craftsmanship and logomania. The second is a colorful take on similar concepts, full of history-making designers and some of their more unique designs. Pieces of the Chicologie archive and my personal collection are blended into each as well!

Both are a mix of vintage, contemporary, and obscure luxury clothing, accessories, and of course, bags.

The Chicologie X KSU Museum Holiday Collection of vintage gowns will also be available, as well as a third part to the anniversary collection, composed to combine the ideas within the overall collection, created for exclusive debut at this pop-up.

The Perfect Pairing

In choosing the perfect host and collaborator for the Chicologie 5th Anniversary Collection Pop-Up, there was no better choice than Mitchell Sotka. Not only is the kindness, uniqueness, and passion that Mitchell (and Brittany) bring to their work truly inspiring, the exquisite and diverse offerings of the Mitchell Sotka boutique capture a concept that inspires me most; the perfect juxtaposition of eclecticism and curation.

Every piece is special- with unlimited combinations of cultural and historic value, beauty, and diversity in age and style; yet every piece compliments the next, cultivating a curated offering with a theme of celebrating the best of what decorative arts has to offer. This idea inspired me while assembling this collection, and I couldn't be happier to have the opportunity to share it in a space that, in my opinion, captures this delightful perspective perfectly.

I can't wait to share this with you! I can't begin how excited I am about this collection, this collaboration, and for you to get the opportunity to enjoy it! As always, feel free to reach out with questions!

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