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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

As many of you know, the existence of Chicologie and my role as a student have always existed together. Finally, Chicologie takes the lead. After a grueling five and a half years, I graduated from Kent State University in August of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising. I then took about 6 months to recover mentally, financially, mentally, physically, oh- and mentally. I dipped in to talking about how college was not quite right for me before, but I was unwilling to let that take over. I may have done the damn thing, but it definitely took a lot out of me. Now, it's all me and my goals, 24/7.

Two weeks ago, Chicologie celebrated two anniversaries- 6 years since its conception and 3 since I made it my full-time gig. This date *almost* coincided with the addition of another collection to the shop and some very exciting announcements- one of which got postponed, so I re-planned. Here it all is!

Tune in to WKYC - 3 on Tuesday, January 18th around noon to see KSU Museum Director (and major mentor, and one of my favorite people) Sarah Rogers and I discuss the "What's In Your Bag?" Exhibition - curated by me during my internship and on display now. Find more here! Also, because the museum is a treasure we should all enjoy, I'd like to invite you to visit or donate. COVID permitting, KSU Museum X Chicologie may be back again this year with something exciting for you all!

To watch the segment, click here!

Coming this week: Check the shop tab for a new collection- fresh bags, accessories (belts, scarves, and more!)- I've even dipped my toe into the shoe world! Some of these pieces are from my personal collection and will be marked as such, with special notes on our time together and some styling tips! These will available for a very limited time. Shop here!

As you read this, you may think back to how the blog posts are erratic, or inconsistent, or function like ads. This year, I'm tackling making the blog a blog. Feel free to reach out with topics or engage on Instagram as this concept develops.

Finally, this may be one of the last times you see the shop tap, the website, or even Chicologie as you know it. Special projects in store in 2022 will definitely be shaking things up! Final comment- you're gonna LOVE what I'm working on for you once it's ready.

Good Morning!


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