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A Very Chic 2023

Happy New Year! I hope you've had a lovely holiday season, and 2022 was kind to you. I've been feeling an inexplicable optimism about this year, and I've decided to go against my nature and embrace it. Hopefully I'm right, and hopefully we all have special things in store for us.

2022 Was Absolutely Fabulous

It was! It didn't start that way, but I'm happy with everything I can reflect on- the good and bad. It was a year of more self-doubt, something I'm no stranger to. I've never been able to unsubscribe from the belief that if I'm not doing my best, I must be the worst. I let this get the best of me at the beginning of 2022 (and again in the middle, and almost again at the end) but I was able to turn it around to just focus on doing my best, whatever it may be, as often as I can- and it seems to have worked.

Chicologie had record sales, 4 wonderful events, and a lovely time with old friends like Mitchell Sotka, Re:Collection and the KSU Museum, and new friends at Haven and The Cleveland NCJW! I continued to bring in pieces that I love (more than ever before), restore them to get them ready for you, and offer a wide array of iconic, historic, and unusual pieces to the lovely fashion enthusiasts I'm lucky to call my clients and friends. Quick note- I've extended the 2022 holiday sale through Wednesday the 4th for a last chance on special holiday pricing, everything in the shop is on sale!

A Very Chic 2023

There's lots coming, and I've only just started planning. I have new goals for Chicologie this year, and for what I can offer you! The big goal? A new collection or event for you every month. Despite the doubts I had last year, I love what I do so much, and want to take it even further this year! For this month, we have a light rebrand. The website will be getting a light redesign and an introduction to some new ideas, as well as a little batch of new arrivals.

Part of doing more will also be bringing in ideas from you. Is there something you wish I offered more of? Do you have a favorite shop you with Chicologie would do an event with? Reach out! I'm always looking for new ways to connect with your ideas and your love of what Chicologie has to offer. I've gotten to know quite a few of you through buying, selling, and restoring for your collections and know every Chicologie supporter has unique, special style! We're a little vintage loving community, and I'd love to do more to share the joy of that with all of you.

On a Personal Note

I love Chicologie, and the opportunity to slowly build a business from my greatest passions in life means the world to me. I owe it all to you- every purchase, link click, blog post read; all of the friendly faces at the events and words of encouragement truly keep me going every day. Thank you for letting me share Chicologie with you, and for enjoying it as much as I do.

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