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The Louis Vuitton bag pictured is used as an example for the pictures needed for an authentication and is not for sale.


Chicologie authentications are available with 24 hour or less turnaround. Please use the photos provided in this listing as a guide for the images I will need to complete your authentication. Purchase your authentication here, then submit photos of your item, like the ones above and described below, to Please note; to maintain a high standard of quality of the Chicologie authenticity guarantee, and to follow suit with general industry authentication standards, pieces submitted from Chanel or Hermès, rare and/or limited edition items, and items of unusual provenance, and items known to be subject to high quality counterfieting may be subject to a secondary fee of $30 for peer review.


1) A clear, full photo of the front of your bag to determine brand and style.


2) A clear, full photo of the main exterior logo.


3) A clear, full photo of any engraved hardware.


4)A clear, full photo of the interior branding and country of origin (the ‘made in’ stamp).


5)A clear, full photo of any wear or damage to the bag (how the leather or material has worn will show quality).


6)A clear, full photo of the serial number, batch number, and/or date code. If you are unable to locate it, please note it in your submission email so I can assist with locating it within the bag.

Chicologie Authentication

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