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Chicologie Holiday Collection: A KSU Museum Tribute

The greatest luxury in fashion is the value that our clothing provides outside of it's functionality and beauty. The greatest luxury in fashion is history; the limitless (personal, industrial, national, and global) contributions to history made by fashion, and vice versa.

for the Chicologie Holiday Collection: A KSU Museum Tribute

A Kent State University Museum Tribute

The Kent State University Museum is a gift in my life that I'm thrilled to continue to share with you. As a patron and student, the museum provided comfort and happiness any time I needed it. I've already covered my school struggles on the blog, and my go-to when I was on campus and in need of some calm and comfort was to walk the galleries of the museum. The feeling of being surrounded by a myriad of hundreds of years worth of the world's fashions is an experience like no other. I've recently been given the opportunity to work with the museum, curating a lecture, auction and tea last summer, and working on a few other (upcoming) projects. Working with Museum Director Sarah J. Rogers has been an experience that has given me mentorship and knowledge which I will be eternally and indescribably grateful.

The musem gifts its patrons the luxury of being able to learn from multiple, perfectly curated exhibits of beautiful pieces that not only uphold the trifecta of concepts that give fashion value (quality, creativity, craftsmanship). The gift is that history put this piece on front of you. Who loved this garment enough to save it for decades, or centuries. Where did they go in it that made it that special to them, what did they do? Take a moment to thank them for sharing this with you by bequeathing this piece to the museum.

I challenge you to take a moment today to focus on what you're wearing. Your clothing, your jewelry, your shoes and accessories. Did at least one of these pieces experience one of your favorite memories with you? Something life changing, something little? Do you remember if you bought it while out with someone you care about, or visiting somewhere fun? Enjoy this memory with this little piece from your closet and realize that it's more than just functional and beautiful, It has history in its fibers. Take a moment to realize that you could do this every day, with every outfit. Is your closet a museum too?

for the Chicologie Holiday Collection: A KSU Museum Tribute

The Holiday Collection

I've shared my handbag background with the museum, and in the process grew a newfound appreciation for clothing not unlike my passion for accessories. This collection pays tribute to this influence and the value of the institution from which it came. This five ensemble, two handbag is centered in the idea that history is the greatest luxury in fashion.

The clothing from this collection is from one estate. Out of respect for the original owner, her story will be told but she will remain anonymous. These gorgeous ensembles were worn by a CEO, businesswoman, entrepreneur, designer, wife, mother, and grandmother throughout some of the most wonderful moments in her life. These pieces, dated to the 1960's and 1980's. These clothes shared moments of great happiness and success with their original owner, with the essence of this positivity and history in the weave of the fabrics.

Each ensemble is listed with tips on styling and fit, and are in good to excellent vintage condition with transparent notes on any signs of age or wear. As needed, some garments have been gently and professionally cleaned or altered. No alterations or treatements were performed unless it was essential to the functionality, every garment posessed signs of wear, love, and age. This collection was prepared with the help two of Akron's best resources; City Cleaners and Alterations by Lois. The latter is available to tailor or modify most aspects of each piece (and her work is truly exceptional).

This collection is available now and captures my perception of the essence of experiencing the Kent State University Museum and offers it to you with the opportunity to contribute to the history to these beautiful pieces as the contribute their beauty and history to you.

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